Personal Observations:


It’s not considered a sin to be seen by your doctor without clothes.


It’s not considered a sin to be seen by your nurse without clothes.


It’s not considered a sin to be seen by your TSA agent without clothes. (humor intended)


It’s not considered a sin to see a baby naked.


It’s not considered a sin for young siblings to see each other naked.


It’s not considered a sin for parents to see their children naked.


It’s not considered a sin for young children to see their parents naked, for example at bath time, etc.


It’s not considered a sin for adults to see their aging parents naked when necessary for personal hygiene reasons.


So, if it’s okay to see our children naked and our parents naked then could someone give me specific dates and age ranges when it’s not okay…or is the body just that, a body and not something to be ashamed of?


God created us naked and unashamed to display His creation.


Satan (Allah) wants us clothed from head to toe.


The Greeks exercised nude.


The Roman Olympics were held in the nude.


The Japanese Sumo wrestle in near nudity.


Art throughout every age has had nudity as a major part of it.


Early Christian baptisms were all done in the nude.


Baths were taken in the river nude.


The prophets were nude.


Adam was nude.


Eve was nude.


King Saul was nude.


King David was nude.


Isaiah was nude.


Jesus was nude.


Bartimaeus was nude


Peter was nude.


Can someone tell me again why we now think that clothed is better?


Is pornography and sexual impropriety better today or worse today with this new non-biblical view of the body?


We encourage you to make your own decision as to what to do about this "new" information.


But, some things to consider are:

What are you going to do about it?  Are you going to let “church teachings” stop you from having a Biblical world view or are you going to take the plunge into a Biblical world view on the body and enjoy the freedom that comes from doing it God’s way?

Are you going to help your husband and your boys completely eliminate the temptation of pornography by adopting a Biblical worldview of naturism for your family?


It is our personal opinion that someone with a little clothing on is way more sexual than someone in a total nude family friendly social setting.


We are not saying that everyone should be naked all the time.  We are asserting that family friendly nudity (naturism) is the Biblically preferred way to live, but we also believe in appropriateness.  If you’re going out to dinner or church or the mall, dress modestly.  Dress so that you aren’t attracting attention for the lack of clothing on your body, but when home or another appropriate setting live the way God intended.  Our belief is that we should be modest when dressed and naked as much of the rest of the time as possible.  The major thing we want to do with this study is to show that the Bible contains multiple examples of appropriate non-sexual public nudity.  What we do not want is to convey an idea that nudity is required by God, just preferred by God.  We believe in appropriateness…clothed when necessary…nude when possible…and if clothed then be modest.