1.    There is no direct command in Scripture against nudity

2.    There are a multitude of examples in Scripture which point to the commonplace of nudity in society

3.    God commanded nudity in the case of Isaiah

4.    God’s prophets were regularly nude

5.    God’s king was nude

6.    God’s Apostle was nude

7.    Jesus was nude

8.    Bartimaeaus was nude

9.    The worshippers at the triumphal entry were nude

10.                       We were created nude in the very image of God at His preference and desire, seems wrong to be ashamed of that image and try to hide that image

11.                       Satan seems to be the one promoting covering the body as that method has only increased the pornographic and sexual image of the body


Rather than finding negative in The Word of God regarding family friendly non-sexual nudity (naturism) it seems that we found a lot of positive instead!