As I am compiling the information for this Bible study, I realize that most Christians will claim a Bible standard for their lives, but when confronted with something that seems to be contradictory to their “Faith” or their “Religion” they struggle.  What I am asking you to do is to look at the following study on the Bible and Naturism and try as hard as you can to not respond with…“but my church teaches” or “my pastor said” or “I’ve always been taught” and instead respond with “if God is for it then so am I.”

          As an evangelical pastor I have had the opportunity to try to help many individuals both men and women who struggle with an addiction to pornography.  I am here to tell you that by and large the challenges the individuals face start with an incorrect view of the body.  They view the body as an object of sex…isn’t it amazing that we don’t want women to be objectified, but that is exactly what we do when we say the human form should be covered up.  Why?  Where within the pages of Scripture did you come up with that?  Oh, I know there are many who have taken verses out of context and tried to teach that God is against your body being seen by anyone other than your mate, but we will show you verse after verse where that is just not the case.

          We do firmly believe that the only person you should have sex with is your mate and that only after your wedding.  Why…because that’s what the Bible says!  If only we could come to a point in our lives where we say and mean it…if the Bible says it, that settles it.  If God is against it so am I and if God is for it then so am I.          When and if we come to that conclusion our decision making becomes very simple.

          The information you are about to read comes directly from the absolute, objective and final authority in our lives, the Word of God.   We believe that personal opinion holds no position over the Word of God.  We will certainly present some personal opinion here, but only as a means of explanation.  Feel free to ignore our personal opinions and we highly encourage you to draw your own conclusions, but we also challenge you to accept the Bible as the absolute authority in your life and decide even now that if God is for it then I am for it.

          We hope this study will be informative, but even more than that we hope it will empower you and your family to a healthier relationship with God and His people.